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Rub, touch, lick, sweat - soap and get wet.

Face, hand and body wash, 3L

Natural skin soap for hands and the body will spoil even the most demanding skin. Nurturing glycerin formula gently cleanses the skin from head to toe - without drying it out. With pH value 5.5, it makes the skin silky soft and is perfect for dry, sensitive and dermatitis-prone skin. The calming lavender essential oil works as a natural antiseptic. Packed full of antioxidants, Cedarwood Oil strengthens and repairs skin. As natural astringent it maximizes skin moisture. Our blend relaxes the mind and leaves a warm, balsamic scent on the skin. One soap for every inch of you, a perfect neighbour of any tap and shower - in the kitchen and bathroom, on a terrace, when camping or on a boat. Free from preservatives, SLS parabens, artificial perfumes and dyes. Vegan. Feel comfortable in your skin.