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Be faster than greased lightning.
lovor Eco Cert®

Degreaser, 500ml

Laurel bay has natural characteristics that effectively remove grease, dirt and stubborn stains. Pero® degreaser is ideal for cleaning kitchen tiles and working surfaces, stoves, ovens and frying pans. Free from phosphates, artificial dyes, fragrances and preservatives. All ingredients are from nature.

Spray the product directly to surface, scrub or leave to sit for 1 minute and wipe with wet towel. Avoid use on delicate surfaces such as marble.

ESSENTIAL OIL: laurel bay


Ingredients Where they come from How they work
Water Distilled water purified from all impurities helps in dissolving ingredients
Alcohol denat. obtained from natural sugars by fermentation of yeasts Disinfect and helps in dissolving ingredients
Coco glucoside natural surfactant of vegetable origin from renewable sources Great for people with sensitive skin
Potassium cocoate Highly biodegradable coconut soap Gentle on skin
Sodium bicarbonate Natural mineral origin salt softens hard water Dissolves grease, gentle on skin
Sodium citrate mineral salt Dissolves limescale and grease, softens hard water
Essential oil laurel bay 100% pure essential oil Antibacterial and antifungal, natural scent