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Sinking in a drain.
mazuran Eco Cert®

Dishwashing liquid, 500ml

Mighty natural formula is created to remove grease and food residues from dishes and utensils. While glycerine protects and nourishes your skin, marjoram essential oil release you from stress. Free from phosphates, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. Ideal for washing baby bottles and utensils . Natural ingredients only.

Dissolve 3 mL (1 tablespoon) in 5 l of warm water, wash dishes with a sponge and rinse. For stubborn stains dissolve 6 mL (2 tablespoons) in 5 l of warm water. Product is not suitable for machine washing.

Essential oil: marjoram

Package: 500 mL


Ingredients Where they come from How they work
Water Distilled water purified from all impurities helps in dissolving ingredients
Coco glucoside natural surfactant of vegetable origin from renewable sources Great for people with sensitive skin
Alcohol denat. obtained from natural sugars by fermentation of yeasts Disinfect and helps in dissolving ingredients
Glycerine Natural plant-based Dissolve ingredients and moisturise
Sodium citrate mineral salt Dissolves limescale and grease, softens hard water
Citric Acid Obtained by fermentation of natural yeasts without GMOs Softens hard water and extends expiration date
Xanthan gum Thickening agent derived from natural bacteria without GMOs Creates gel-like structure, provides even application of product
Essential oil marjoram 100% pure essential oil Antibacterial, natural scent, help reduce stress